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Mohammed Nokhbeh, Developer at Liquality

Mohammed Nokhbeh, Core Developer of Liquality

Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps for ETH, DAI and BTC

Liquality developer Mohammed Nokhbeh will give a demo of the Liquality protocol during Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 August, 2019.  Liquality is a secure, peer-to-peer protocol for exchanging digital assets between blockchains.  The system integrates atomic swaps, off-chain swaps, P2P order books, self-sovereign contracts and nodes.  It aims to allow peers to easily find one another and directly exchange any asset without intermediation, and is currently working between ether, dai and bitcoin.

Mo writes, “We’ve been introduced to the core philosophy of disintermediation since the advent of Bitcoin.  Isn’t it ironic that exchanging cryptocurrencies suffers from added friction, risk and cost due to third parties?  My presentation will show how Liquality facilitates a truly P2P exchange without centralization, intermediation or censorship of any kind.”

Mo is a core contributor to the Liquality protocol and currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.  He was previously a developer at Morgan Stanley Matrix, an E-trading application for FX and commodities.  He began working with Bitcoin and Ethereum because he was intrigued by the potential of trustless, permissionless blockchains, especially exchanges.

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Mohammed Nokhbeh, Core Developer of Liquality