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Molly Webb, Founder of Energy Unlocked and Yoyu

Molly Webb, Founder of Energy Unlocked

The Edge of Energy Systems

Molly Webb, founder of Energy Unlocked and Yoyu, will be making her presentation via live stream for the 83rd conference of Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 May 2020. She will present alternative perspectives on how energy data can drive disruption in energy markets and how this information can be shared.  She will also give a demo to illustrate how the data sharing service works.

Molly has served as an adviser to the Exergy Foundation since 2017.  It is an organization established by LO3 Energy, a blockchain platform designed to share grid edge energy data.  She writes:

Exergy has progressed to develop a data translation function that can take disparate private datasets and present them in ways that are usable but do not compromise the privacy of the individuals. Yoyu, a new consumer product, could use data from platforms like Exergy, but primarily focuses on an MVP that does not require the blockchain or private data at the outset. It has been clear that the two separate approaches — beginning with blockchain vs. starting from a consumer offering — have different resourcing needs and potential funders and partners even when the desired outcome is aligned. I will show progress in both domains.  I’m interested in meeting those who are working in token economics and hearing about the advancements that others have done.

Molly Webb has 18 years of experience in technology startups, environment, energy and innovation policy. Yoyu, her latest company, provides real-time clean energy forecast for consumers to help them use energy at the greenest times of the day.  She founded Energy Unlocked in 2015, working with digital energy startups, cities and companies to accelerate global energy system transition in order to meet ambitious climate change targets.  This initiative came out of her work developing a green innovation strategy for Skype-founder Niklas Zennstrom’s foundation. Previously in her role as Head of Smart Technologies at international NGO The Climate Group, she was responsible for developing and coordinating advocacy and campaigns focused on the Information and Communications Technologies sector.

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Molly Webb, Founder of Energy Unlocked