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Moritz Neto, Founder of Tenzorum

Moritz Neto. Co-Founder of Tenzorum

Key Management and Identity

Secure key management is possibly one of the critical missing pieces in the ecosystem. What does the ideal solution look like, and how can we deploy it to reach hundreds of millions of new users?

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 November, 2018, Tenzorum Founder Moritz Neto will present his vision for introducing 100 million more new users to blockchain technology.  Tenzorum is a key management protocol for the decentralized web.  It provides the infrastructure that enables users to interact with decentralized applications across multiple chains.  It is also a potential cornerstone for solutions that require user authentication and identity.

Moritz writes, “So far there are about 40 million people using Blockchain tech around the world.  Until we reach mass adoption, many of our endeavors are driven by pure speculation.  The right question that people should be asking is how do we on board the next 100 million people to the Blockchain world.”

Tenzorum’s mission is to give users an easy way to manage keys and access to the growing ecosystem of Blockchain-powered products and services without compromising on security or usability.  Moritz’ talk will present:

  • The fundamental problems around the user experience of managing keys;
  • The full stack of technology available for tackling the challenges in the cryptocurrency ecosystem;
  • A personal multi-sig implementation with device redundancy;
  • The whole web of trust in creating a key recovery protocol; and
  • A framework to ensure decentralized access across many different applications and blockchains.

Moritz is the founder of Tenzorum and is focused on decentralized web technologies and the impact of user experience in mass adoption. He is particularly interested in disruptive innovation and promotes equitable business models through open source systems and cryptoeconomic empowerment. He is based mostly in APAC, and especially Australia and China.

Moritz leads global Blockchain collaborations involving grass roots developers’ communities, high profile tech projects, venture funds, academic institutes, and non-profit and governmental organizations. He has a degree in engineering and is a fellow at Stanford’s University APAC Group and China’s Confucius Institute for Young Leaders.

Moritz Neto. Co-Founder of Tenzorum