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Nine de Vries of Amnesty International

For Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 February, 2017, Nine de Vries will participate in our coverage of the Sleepwet.  Nine is a project officer for Amnesty International’s Security and Human Rights Program in the Netherlands.  She focuses predominantly on state-sponsored communications surveillance and will present her organization’s main criticism with the Dutch Intelligence and Security Services Act of 2017.

“I’d like to highlight Amnesty’s main concerns,” she writes:

  1. Systematic, large-scale gathering of data, including of individuals that do not pose a national security threat;

  2. The sharing of raw data, gathered in bulk, with foreign intelligence and security services; and

  3. The lack of binding oversight including the omission of binding judgements and raparations in the law.

Two of the biggest consequences of the Sleepwet are that it enables undirected, massive dragnet interception throughout the country and real-time access to databases so that very large segments of the population could be under surveillance at any time.

Nine has a degree in European and International law from the University of Groningen.

Nine de Vries of Amnesty International