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Onik Mia, CEO of MulTra Decentralized App

Onik Mia, CEO of Multra

The Future of News Media

Multra: A Decentralized App That Increases News Media Revenue

For Bitcoin Wednesday on 5 September, 2018, MulTra CEO Onik Mia will demonstrate how blockchain tech can be used by publishers to boost revenue and to reward readers with cryptocurrency at the same time.  Considering what a disruptive force blockchain could potentially be to the media industry, it is a surprise that so few decentralized projects have succeeded in the online media industry.

“Millions of people read news on a daily basis,” Onik told Bitcoin Wednesday. “The MulTra News app pays you for reading news while, at the same time your favorite publishers earn substantial revenues.  Our solution is essentially a blockchain-powered news aggregator that uses AI to consolidate news based on readers’ interests to deliver a personalized experience.”

In addition to his role as founder of MulTra, Onik also serves as Vice Chair of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance media working group and is a member of the Blockchain Observatory in the European Parliament, as an expert on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and ICOs.  He has spoken at the Frankfurt School of Finance, the Axel Springer Business Club, the World Economic Forum and Consensus, among many other appearances.  With MulTra, he is currently working on digital transformation services for clients like Deutsche Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, BMW and the German stock exchange Deutsche Börse.

Onik Mia, CEO of Multra