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Bitcoin Conference Speakers

Andy Bryant Explains BitFlyer

Andy Bryant is COO of bitFlyer Europe. BitFlyer is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and the market leader in Japan.  Before coming to bitFlyer he served as CEO of an AI startup, COO of the M&A advisory BDA Partners and a robotics engineer.

Anne Haubo Dyhrberg Explained Bitcoin Adoption Metrics

Anne Haubo Dyhrberg is a researcher at the University of Sydney Department of Finance. Her work is focused on studying the micro-structure of cryptocurrency markets, specifically their transaction costs and liquidity.


Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016 for The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands As with any endeavor that operates in the public trust, Bitcoin Wednesday is committed to transparency in its expense reporting. […]

Arbitrage for Cryptocurrency Traders

Amine Larhrib is the founder and Managing Director of the institutional cryptocurrency trading platform, CryptalDash. He spent 8 years in capital markets related roles in Hong Kong, Canada and the Middle East. His responsibilities ranged from Sovereign Wealth Funds across EMEA to Equity Derivative Interbank intermediation.

Arief Huhn on Freedomlab Thinktank

Arief Hühn is head of Freedomlab Thinktank. He is a senior researcher and strategist who focuses on the impact of digital technology on society. He will be one of the moderators of the 80th edition of Bitcoin Wednesday on 5 February 2020.

Arnaud Dartois Explained Proof of Performance

Arnaud Dartois is the CTO of NapoleonX, one of the first cryptocurrency asset management companies specialized in programmable or algorithmic trading. He has a PhD in Computer science from the Ecole Polytechnique, the French MIT.


Arno Laeven Explains How Bitcoin Will Enable the Age of Abundance

How Bitcoin Will Enable the Age of Abundance During Bitcoin Wednesday on 2 November 2016, Arno Laeven will discuss the significance of the blockchain in our information-rich world. Arno was […]

Arno Wellens Explained 10 Years After Lehman Brothers

Arno Wellens is a Dutch financial journalist and the author of The Euro Evangelism, about critical flaws in the EU’s currency. He broke the Parex/Citadele scandal, involving an illegal bailout of a Russian-Latvian bank, and also helped lead the successful national Ukraine Referendum that embarrassed EU leaders and Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s center right VVD party in 2016.

Arnold Daniels Discussed Challenges Binding Smart Contracts

Arnold Daniels and Rick Schmitz are co-founders of LegalThings, a platform for digitizing legal agreements with Blockchain technology. The duo won a blockchain hackathon sponsored by the Ministry of Justice in September 2017 which earned them an assignment to create the first digitized law on the blockchain. They will talk about the challenges of creating legally valid agreements with smart contracts.

Arthur Breitman Explained Tezos protocol

Arthur Breitman is a Co-Founder of Tezos, a blockchain platform that offers on-chain governance. It raised $232 million in its crowd sale in 2017 making it one of the largest in the industry. He previously worked at Google X and Waymo on self-driving cars, and before that, as a quantitative analyst at both Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.