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Trent McConaghy on Decentralized Databases

Back for Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 April, 2016 is accomplished artificial intelligence researcher Trent McConaghy.  Trent delivered a keynote at September 2015’s Bitcoin Wednesday on ascribe.io his blockchain-based solution for registering […]


Philipp Schulz is co-founder of TV-Two, and will give a live demo of a project that aims to become a major gateway to broadcast television via the Ethereum blockchain.

Valerian Bennett

Valerian Bennett is CEO of PopChest, a platform for community-supported video that integrates smart contracts and the soon-to-be-distributed Pop Tokens. Valerian is a veteran television producer and editor and a documentary filmmaker from Los Angeles. He has a film degree from the University of Southern California and is responsible for the 2014 documentary Bitcoin: Buenos Aires about the digital currency ecosystem in Argentina.

Venture Capitalists’ Secrets of Moneymaking in Blockchain

Igor Shoifot is a founding partner of the TMT CryptoFund, a $60M investment fund for early stage blockchain-driven startups. They have made many early investments in successful blockchain teams such as FileCoin, BTC Jam, Shapeshift, Bitaccess and Bits, among others.


Video: Bitcoin Bitches

Royal Academy of Art students Alice Fialová, (Czech Republic) and Lisa van den Heuvel (The Netherlands) are The Bitcoin Bitches performing their hit single, “A Bit of Truth” to a packed […]


Video: Pamela Morgan of Third Key Solutions on The Essentials of Bitcoin Security

Pamela Morgan is a colleague of Andreas Antonopoulos at Third Key Solutions.  During the Special Edition of Bitcoin Wednesday held on 19 October 2016 she gave this extremely practical and […]


Viktor Trón of Swarm

Swarm: The Rise of the Third Web Viktor Trón is one of the core developers of Ethereum who has worked on all of its main components.  He is also the […]

Virtual PCs Via Blockchain Tech

Mykola Minchenko is the CEO of YCombinator startup Sixa. He previously worked for British Petroleum and developed a mesh-based communication system for the Ukrainian army. He was also a co-founder of Almareks, an object recognition SaaS startup which was acquired by Motorola in less than three years.


What Happened to Democracy? Bitvote at Bitcoin Wednesday

All over the world public spending and government debt is soaring.  Communities suffer from chronic unemployment and underemployment.  Many are still in deep recession or close to the brink of […]

Willem Middelkoop

Willem Middelkoop is the author of the bestselling book, The Big Reset. He is the founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund, which is focused on investing in natural resource discoveries like gold, silver, uranium, nickel and rare earth elements, and has been an outspoken critic of the future of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.