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Bitcoin Conference Speakers

Token Economy Explained by Adam Cleary

Adam Cleary is the London-based CEO of Cavenham Capital Limited and a co-founder of NOVASSET Partners, a consulting group focused on the structuring and distribution of ICOs. He has been involved in the digital currency sector since 2013.

Token-Based IPOs

Ransu Salovaara is the CEO of TokenMarket, an ICO advisory firm based in Gibraltar which has worked with more than 35 tech startups to execute token sales that have raised nearly 400 million dollars.

Tom Keunen

Tom Keunen will be one of the moderators of Bitcoin Wednesday on 5 February 2020. Originally from Belgium, but based in The Netherlands, Tom has worked globally for organizations such as Greenpeace, Oxfam Novim, Cordaid, Free Press Unlimited, the Center for Safety and Development and RNW Media.

Tom Kysar

Tom Kysar is the Product Manager for Augur, the world’s first decentralized prediction market. He was previously head of marketing for blockchain startups Koinify and Tierion. As head of marketing for Koinify, Tom helped raise about $800,000 for GetGems and $580,000 for Factom during their respective crowd sales.


Tone Vays

Tone Vays is an outspoken Bitcoin Maximalist and derivatives trader. He was previously Head of Research for data & research company BraveNewCoin and worked for Bear Stearns as a Risk Analyst as well as for JP Morgan as a VP. He currently produces content for his website ToneVays.com and his Youtube channel about sound economics and finance.

Tony Churyumoff of Byteball Explained Blockchainless Cryptocurrency

Tony Churyumoff is the creator of Byteball, a blockchainless cryptocurrency that was launched in December 2016 and distributed for free without an ICO. By December 2017 it had a market cap of more than $170 million.


Trent McConaghy on Decentralized Databases

Back for Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 April, 2016 is accomplished artificial intelligence researcher Trent McConaghy.  Trent delivered a keynote at September 2015’s Bitcoin Wednesday on ascribe.io his blockchain-based solution for registering […]


Philipp Schulz is co-founder of TV-Two, and will give a live demo of a project that aims to become a major gateway to broadcast television via the Ethereum blockchain.

Valerian Bennett

Valerian Bennett is CEO of PopChest, a platform for community-supported video that integrates smart contracts and the soon-to-be-distributed Pop Tokens. Valerian is a veteran television producer and editor and a documentary filmmaker from Los Angeles. He has a film degree from the University of Southern California and is responsible for the 2014 documentary Bitcoin: Buenos Aires about the digital currency ecosystem in Argentina.

Venture Capitalists’ Secrets of Moneymaking in Blockchain

Igor Shoifot is a founding partner of the TMT CryptoFund, a $60M investment fund for early stage blockchain-driven startups. They have made many early investments in successful blockchain teams such as FileCoin, BTC Jam, Shapeshift, Bitaccess and Bits, among others.