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Ram Avissar

Ram Avissar Marketing Director of CoinDash

As of June 2017, the total market cap for cryptocurrencies is about $100 billion dollars, an increase of more than 1,000% over 2014.  At Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 June, 2017, Ram Avissar, Marketing Director of CoinDash presented a new cryptocurrency portfolio management tool that aims to deliver investor tools, social trading and a marketplace for cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Ram’s talk included an overview of the state of the cryptocurrency market and investment in ICOs.  He also gave an introduction to CoinDash as well as explain its primary purpose, its most interesting uses and some of the software’s best features, including a dashboard for tracking the value of a cryptocurrency portfolio.

Before becoming the Marketing Director of CoinDash, Ram worked for Matchpool which recently had its own succesful ICO.  He has degrees in law and accouting and has worked for Ernst and Young Assurance in its high tech division.  He has been a private investor in cryptocurrency since 2013.

A video of Ram’s presentation can be found here.

Ram Avissar Marketing Director of CoinDash