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Ran Reichman, CEO of Snip

Ran Reichman CEO of Snip

At Bitcoin Wednesday’s Conference on 6 September 2017, Ran Reichman, CEO of Snip, will talk about the use of blockchain technology in the news industry. Snip is a content publishing and distribution platform that aims to disrupt traditional media through decentralization and in doing so to change the way we consume information.

Ran says:

Distribution and monetization are arguably two of the biggest challenges in mass media. How do you reach large numbers of people? And how do you make money from your audience? I believe blockchain technology can answer these questions. The new distribution and monetization models that will arise from decentralization present big threats and opportunities for the giants of the media industry.

Snip was first built as a centralized news service. Having seen the limitations firsthand we have started the difficult process of building Blockchain-based functionality into our platform, allowing users to tip content creators and also adding other interesting features. The code will be ready for demo and on GitHub before the presentation at Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 September.

Ran founded Snip in May 2016 with machine learning and data science specialist Rani Herov, a graduate (along with Ran) of the elite Talpiot program. Ran was previously a major in the Israel Intelligence Unit 8200, where he managed teams and large scale programs. There he gained expertise in software development, product management and cyber security.  After being chosen for the elite Talpiot program he was among a handful of people tapped to lead the top research and development initiatives in the Israeli defense community.

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Ran Reichman CEO of Snip