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Raphaël Mazet

Raphaël Mazet of Alice.si

Alice: An Ethereum Blockchain App for Social Impact

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 3 May, 2017, Raphaël Mazet will introduce Alice.si, an Ethereum application designed to help charities with the difficult business of raising donations.  Non-profits can face a decline in public trust due to lack of transparency.  Alice.si’s solution is to hold charitable contributions in a smart contract so that donors can see where their money goes and can measure the social impact of their contributions.

In his talk Raphaël will explain how he applies the concept of “no cure, no pay”  to charities.  He will also talk about the concierge and stablecoin models upon which his solution is based.

Raphaël is an entrepreneur specialized in the blockchain for social impact.  Before his work on Alice, he worked for ten years in corporate relations and digital advocacy in Europe, Latin America and the U.S.  He became fascinated with blockchain technology in 2015 when he discovered the potential for smart contracts to increase funding in the non-profit sector by improving transparency and accountability.


Raphaël Mazet of Alice.si