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Raphael Mazet, CEO of Alice

Raphaël Mazet of Alice.si

Alice: Ethereum Smart Contracts for Social Impact

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 2 October, 2019, CEO Raphaël Mazet will introduce Alice, a decentralised social finance protocol.  Alice is used by impact investors, governments and nonprofits to fund and scale effective social projects while reducing transaction costs and automating impact measurement.

In his talk, Raphaël will present Alice’s new financial primitive called the “Impact Future” that collateralizes the delivery of social impact. He will also talk about Alice’s aim to ensure that the trillions of dollars poured into impact projects every year aren’t wasted on ineffective solutions.

Raphaël is an entrepreneur specialized in blockchain for social impact.  Before his work on Alice, he worked for ten years in corporate relations and digital advocacy in Europe, Latin America and the U.S.  He became fascinated with blockchain technology in 2015 when he discovered the potential for smart contracts to increase funding in the non-profit sector by improving transparency and accountability.  He previously presented an earlier version of Alice at Bitcoin Wednesday on 3 May, 2017.


Raphaël Mazet of Alice.si