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Roelof Reineman, Blockchain lead at Eneco

Roelof Reineman, Blockchain Energy Consultant

For Bitcoin Wednesday’s conference on energy, sustainability and social impact on 2 October, 2019, blockchain engineer Roelof Reineman will share some of his experiences in the energy industry. During his 5 years at Eneco, he has learned to break down and clarify complex and abstract ideas and to distill them into insights that lead to actionable innovation.  His presentation, Big Energy: Blockchain Use Cases at a Large Corporate will address how blockchain tech can be applied to the energy industry, what use cases are under development and which ones are currently being deployed.

Roelof will share examples, including an overview of what he did at Eneco and use cases he has personally implemented:

  • EWF;
  • The Ponton Enerchain;
  • Details on The Use Case;
  • The Underlying Mechanism; and
  • Other Stakeholders in the Ecosystem and Lessons Learned.

He’ll conclude his session with some lessons he has learned while innovating in a corporate environment.

Roelef is an authority on sustainable energy and electric vehicles.  He serves as a mentor for energy startups at the Rockstart Accelerator and has served as Eneco’s blockchain lead.  He writes, “I like exploring how new, abstract technologies can be applied today, becoming solutions that truly benefit people and make the world a nicer place.  Good technology is invisible; it works without getting in the way.”

Roelof Reineman, Blockchain Energy Consultant