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Scott Nelson, CEO of Sweetbridge

CEO Scott Nelson of Sweetbridge

Supply Chain and Logistics

Sweetbridge CEO Scott Nelson will present the stable Bridgecoin token for the logistics and supply chain industry.  Scott is a veteran CEO and founder of the cloud-based logistics management platform called Trax that currently has $20 million in annual recurring revenue.  With Sweetbridge, he aims to introduce two cryptocurrencies to the $54 trillion-dollar global supply chain industry.  The first would be a fiat-pegged stable coin, while the second would be a discount token.  Scott’s presentation will also make the business case for Sweetbridge, and cover the implications of blockchain technologies for global trade.

Scott has strong opinions about token economics, licensing and AML / KYC compliance standards, especially in relation to the supply chains, technology and finance. He has more than 20 years experience in running supply chain settlement and auditing operations for medium- and large-sized enterprises.  He has already been featured on CNBC and Bloomberg, and includes both Don Tapscott, co-author of The Blockchain Revolution, and futurist software engineer Vinay Gupta, among his team of advisors.

CEO Scott Nelson of Sweetbridge