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Sebastien Jehan, CEO of Rockchain

At Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 October, 2017, CEO Sébastien Jehan of Rockchain will give a presentation of his mission to increase the functional scope of decentralized applications by delivering a privacy-centric decentralized network that can link corporate and private data to Ethereum’s smart contract logic.

Unlike many other decentralized cloud technologies, Rockchain is focussed on maintaining data privacy on Ethereum’s public blockchain.  In this way, sensitive data belonging to individuals or organizations can be processed and used by decentralized applications and for machine learning while keeping all private information local.

Sébastien writes:

The first part of my presentation will cover how a distributed network can be set up and governed though Rockchain and Ethereum smart contracts that regroups distinct business accounts and companies.  The second part will explain how logical rules for private data can be used within a public blockchain to create what we call “hybrid dapps“, decentralized applications with logic on both public blockchains as well as on private nodes.  These hybrid dapps can add data logic that is attached to smart contracts so that we can extend the scope of existing Ethereum dapps to govern distributed networks.  Last but not least, I’ll present a benchmark of our cryptographic techniques for handling privacy which are based on SMC (secured multipart computation).

Sébastien is a veteran software architect with more than 20 years experience with bank and trading systems and corporate IT infrastructures. He has studied telecommunications and security engineering with a specialization in cryptography and network security.  He also has a Master’s degree in Finance, Financial Market Regulation and Econometrics.  Through Rockchain he aims to enrich current blockchain approaches by forming partnerships with top universities and creating a team of researchers in advanced cryptographic performance, optimization and security.

Sebastien Jehan, CEO of Rockchain