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The Dutch Surveillance State

Doutje Lettinga of Amnesty International

For the 53rd edition of Bitcoin Wednesday to be held on 1 November, 2017, Doutje Lettinga, Senior Policy Officer for human rights, surveillance and counter-terrorism at Amnesty International will explain why Amnesty in The Netherlands considers the new Dutch Intelligence and Security Services Act to be a violation of international human rights law.

She writes:

Amnesty is concerned that the indiscriminate bulk interception, storage and sharing of data leads to unnecessary restrictions on privacy and other liberties and endangers the safety of activists and others.

When five university students took the initiative to mobilize for a public referendum, Amnesty Netherlands was one of the many NGOs that decided to back the students’ initiative. Doutje will elaborate why Amnesty considered this initiative a much-needed opportunity to spark public debate on national security, human rights, the importance of the rule of law and strong oversight over government surveillance.

Doutje contributes to Amnesty’s research, advocacy and campaigns on human rights, counter-terrorism and communications surveillance.  Together with her colleagues, she has lobbied and campaigned to make the new Dutch Intelligence and Security Services Act as well as other Dutch counter-terrorism legislation human right compliant.  Doutje has a Doctorate in sociology and a double Masters degree in history and political science.

Doutje Lettinga of Amnesty International