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Viktor Tron, Core Developer of Ethereum

Viktor Trón of Swarm

Swarm: The Rise of the Third Web

Viktor Trón is one of the core developers of Ethereum who has worked on all of its main components.  He is also the lead developer of Swarm, creating the foundational infrastructure of what may be the third web.

The third web is a term increasingly applied to the decentralization of content storage and delivery so that online content can be used without the need for central authorities and can potentially be immutable and resistant to censorship and take down.  Swarm aims to be the missing link that finally enables P2P technology to replace centralized cloud solutions.

Viktor says, “In our presentation for Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 September 2016, my colleague Aron Fischer and I will talk about how integrating storage and content delivery with blockchain will change the web. In our solution, Ethereum smart contracts guide node behaviour through a carefully designed incentive system.  This approach ensures speedy delivery of popular content and guarantees long-term data availability.

Looking ahead we will also discuss how Swarm fits within the broader context of the Web 3.0 base layer infrastructure, in particular our work on fast payment networks, communication services and decentralized database infrastructure.”

Viktor has long been working on open source technologies for two decades. His past accomplishments span a wide spectrum, including machine learning, natural language and speech technology, complex systems and big data, mathematics and linguistic research. As a vocal advocate of decentralization and a free, voluntary society, his involvement in Ethereum since the beginning has been propelled just as much by ideological alignment as professional skills.  In his spare time he likes to decompress while dancing at music festivals.

Early Stage Investor, Bitcoin Business Strategy Architect and Project Leader for Complex Internet SolutionsSee generalseven.com for more info.

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Viktor Trón of Swarm

PUBLISHED : August 26, 2016