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Institutional Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Zach Hamilton, Managing Partner of Airfoil Capital

Institutional Investing in Crypto Assets

Managing Cryptocurrencies in a Traditional Financial Ecosystem

Zach Hamilton, Managing Partner of Airfoil Capital plans to walk through how institutional investors should approach cryptocurrencies. His talk will cover everything from research to trading psychology.  He writes, “While cryptos are an amazing new asset class, they don’t behave like anything else.  Attempting to shoehorn them into the traditional financial system can be complex and unprofitable.”

Zach Hamilton has been actively trading cryptocurrencies since 2013.  His firm Airfoil Capital is a crypto token fund and family office advisory.  Before Airfoil Capital he was the Entrepreneur in Residence at Venture51, an early-stage VC firm.  At Venture 51 he was one of the key parties in the decision to invest in Ripple Labs in 2013, which is now worth well over $1 Billion. Zach has handled LP relations, portfolio management, due diligence and sourcing for several funds with a cumulative $50 million in assets under management.

Zach Hamilton, Managing Partner of Airfoil Capital