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NaPoleonX is a cryptocurrency asset management solution that employs bots to facilitate the automated trading of cryptocurrencies.

The venture aims to build investment funds called DAFs (Decentralized Autonomous Funds), which are operated via programmable trading bots, making it one of the world’s first 100% algorithmic crypto asset managers. Trading on the NapoleonX platform takes place through NaPoleonX smart contracts developed by Napoleon Crypto SAS, which will hold the profits from the first 10 DAFs, later to be distributed among NapoleonX Token (NPX) holders. Botons or rental fees are also earned for use of the trading bots.

Unique Selling Propositions

Napoleon X bills itself as the world’s first 100% algorithmic trading platform for cryptocurrency holders.

It offers crypto-asset investment, Decentralized Autonomous Funds, and smart contracts-based buying and selling.


NapoleonX uses NPX tokens to allow token holders to use the platform’s algorithmic asset management utility. Holding NPX tokens enables each investor to:

Use buying/selling signals (collectively called trading signals) as interpreted by the NapoleonX trading software.

Access information from the NapoleonX platform with the help of a private key that is used to enter an ETH address holding NPX tokens.

Receive his or her revenue share via a sub-license granted to a single person or entity.

How It Works

The platform focuses on investing a token holders’ money through DAFs, in large to very large investments reaching up to 100 million euros. Adhering to its decentralized nature, NapoleonX allows any investment strategy provider to propose creation of a DAF, by producing a valid and feasible investment model that works well with trading bots. Each DAF created may have its own internal governance, Botons consumption and alternate chains such as BTC (Bitcoin). To calculate the overall payment for token holders, the Net Asset Value (NAV) and the amount of Botons consumed is allocated at its NAV value.


Stéphane Ifrah (CEO)
Arnaud Dartois (CTO)

Key Products

Crypto-Asset Management Platform
NPX Token


Paris, France

Market Capitalization

ICO Details

Start Date: 22 Jan 2018
End Date: 28 Feb 2018
Raised: € 10.1 million
Total Token Supply: 50,000,000
Token Percentage available for investors: 70%
Token Type: ERC20


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