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Terms of Service

If you are visiting this website for the first time, it is good to know about the terms of service:

The activities of Bitcoin Wednesday have an educational mission.

They are the result of grass roots participation, open and accessible by design — without expert curation — by, for, and about the digital currency revolution in The Netherlands.

They do not reflect any affiliation or endorsement with respect to any other organization or individual, including those of our sponsors, members and volunteers.

All sponsors including all organizations and individuals with whom Bitcoin Wednesday cooperates:

Tolerate, respect and encourage diversity of opinion (and diversity in general) as a source of strength within the community;

May freely contribute information, services or financial support as an open donation to Bitcoin Wednesday;

May help to shape the digital currency revolution in The Netherlands;

Accept that such donations received by Bitcoin Wednesday are explicitly with no strings attached and with no obligation from this event;

Understand that additional recognition or financial compensation is only under exceptional circumstances when explicitly agreed in writing and with consideration of Bitcoin Wednesday’s editorial objectivity and independence.

In addition, the following conditions apply to all of Bitcoin Wednesday’s activities:

The organization observes a zero-tolerance policy regarding disruptions, aggression, weapons, threats, harassment, discrimination, racism and any other undesirable behavior. All such questionable behavior may result in immediate and permanent removal without explanation. In case of doubt, first ask.

All events are subject to change. Refunds are not possible.

Bitcoin Wednesday is a project of The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands, stichting Bitcoin Nederland, registered with Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce number 57757097. See the General Terms and Conditions for more information.