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Video: Cryptocurrency Adoption

Andrew Wagner of CoinFest and Bitcoin Coop

Andrew Wagner, founder of the international event CoinFest, was at Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 June 2018 to present his perception on the adoption of cryptocurrencies and what can be done to encourage more businesses accept cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment.

Andrew described his experience in promoting Bitcoin as a mainstream currency to small businesses. Later on, he engaged in a Q&A round with the audience and explained his views on the acceptance of Bitcoin among businesses as well as consumers.

He said:

Most of the places that accept Bitcoin do not care about Bitcoin; at least not in the sense that they care about it being more efficient or technologically adept. Most of them just want you to come there. And this is actually very common as for most them it is a PR mechanism. So the easiest way to help spread Bitcoin adoption is go to bars and pay in Bitcoin or tell them you are there for that.

Andrew Wagner of CoinFest and Bitcoin Coop