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Antonopoulos Video – Keynote and Q&A

Andreas Antonopoulos

Bitcoin Wednesday held in Amsterdam on 1 April 2015 was a historic moment. At the specific request of the Dutch government we had a public conversation with the Bitcoin guru Andreas M. Antonopoulos in which Mr. Antonopoulos was asked a series of questions about the digital currency revolution in The Netherlands. The questions were prepared by the government and were intended to increase their awareness and understanding of this important technology.

This Antonopoulos video is a registration of his entire keynote as well as the extended question and answer period that followed it.

For the first 30 minutes Mr. Antonopoulos delivers a keynote, followed by 90 minutes of questions. After the official questions, the audience also asks some of its own, including several related to the Bitcoin technology, to Mr. Antonopoulos’ startup Third Key Solutions, and more specifically to the regulatory climate in The Netherlands.

A profile of Mr. Antonopoulos can be found here.


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