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Christoph Jentzsch, Founder of Slockit

In his presentation at Bitcoin Wednesday held on 5 February 2020, Christoph Jentzsch spoke about his recent work along with Blockchains LLC on key management. Blockchain has acquired a couple of banks in Europe and the U.S. which they plan to use for key custody and value custody to help users secure private keys.  Blockchains LLC plans to offer multi-signature solutions and to store some of the keys in a trusted environment. Their system will ensure that Blockchains is not technically in control of the funds unless the user loses his keys.

Later in the presentation Christoph presented Blockchains LLC’s new tech stack, which includes the private key management solution, and smart wallets based on smart contracts.  His talk also covered decentralized identity solutions and blockchain-enabled smart cities.

Read more about Christoph Jentzsch and take a look at the rest of that day’s conference program here.

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Christoph Jentzsch, Founder of Slockit