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Evan Duffield Presentation Video

Evan Duffield Creator of Dashpay

Evan Duffield lead developer and founder of Dashpay gave this keynote address to the Bitcoin Wednesday conference in Amsterdam on 7 October, 2015.  In it, he announces the long-awaited “Evolution release” for Dash which will include smart contracts and many other innovative features.

The audience was invited to ask questions immediately following Evan’s presentation, and some were enlightening.

At 1.29 Evan takes two very negative questions from one of the audience members which later led to a spirited conversation about some of the risks and controversies of launching a decentralized cryptocurrency.  Add to the top of that list, no matter how hard you work to prevent it at least one person will say it’s a scam because Internet.  Arguably it’s all part of a necessary dialogue both the sector and eventually all of society needs to have.  You can find more discussion of that topic here.


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Evan Duffield Creator of Dashpay

PUBLISHED : October 23, 2015