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Video: Highlights from 7 March 2018

Bitcoin Wednesday 57

Catch some impressions of the Bitcoin Wednesday conference held in Amsterdam’s De Brakke Grond theater on 7 March, 2018.

All of the event’s speakers appear in the video.

Igor Shoifot, Founding partner of the TMT CryptoFund: Read his profile here.

UX Designer Jeroen Razoux Schultz: Click here to read more about him.

João Martins of Birdchain: Learn more about him here.

Anastasia Green of Aura: Read her full profile here.

Julian Zegelman of Velton Zegelman: Read more about him here.

Masahiro Yasu, CEO of Alis: Find his full profile here.

Stephan Karpischek of Etherisc: Find out more about him here.

Alexey Kofman, Product Manager of Waves: Check out his full profile here.

Alon Muroch, CEO of Blox: You can read more about him here.

Bitcoin Wednesday 57