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Interview: Streamr and Golem

Henri Pihkala CEO of Streamr

In an exclusive interview with IBM’s Frans Kempen at Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 September 2017, Henri Pihkala, CEO of Streamr, and Grzegorz Borowik, one of the senior software engineers at Golem, answered some interesting questions about the recent collaboration between the two projects.

Streamr is a decentralized network that facilitates exchange of real-time data monetized through the DATAcoin token.  Golem calls itself a decentralized, open-source supercomputer that taps unused computational power from PCs all over the world. Henri talked about the advancements in Streamr since he last spoke to Frans in another interview for Bitcoin Wednesday on 5 July 2017. Grzegorz explained how cooperation between Golem and Streamr has brought out a natural synergy between the two platforms.

Henri comments:

“We aim to tokenize the value in real-time data streams. So, we are building a decentralized peer-to-peer network for data delivery that allows, for example, machines to trade on data and pay or get paid for the value in that data. One of the applications that we are building on top of that infrastructure is an analytics engine, which allows users to compute data, and that is how we ended up joining hands with Golem because the computational power for that engine will be provided by Golem”.

Grzegorz explains Golem’s role as follows:

“Think about computational power as our cars. Our cars are usually stuck in a parking lot for more than 90 percent of their lifetimes. What Golem does is to bring this unused computational power to use, so that we can get faster and more reliable results”.


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Henri Pihkala CEO of Streamr

PUBLISHED : September 21, 2017