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Kushti On Smart Contracts

Alexander Chupurnoy, Core Developer of Ergo

A New Approach to Smart Contracts by Kushti

Cryptocurrency pioneer Alexander Chepurnoy, also known as kushti, emerged from the shadows at Bitcoin Wednesday on 1 May, 2019 to explain his new way of handling smart contracts.  The Russian developer gave a presentation at Bitcoin Wednesday several years earlier when he was a core developer for NXT.  At that time he concealed his identity in a darkened room.

Now lead developer of Ergo, a blockchain platform for financial contracts, Kushti gave a detailled presentation at the VU, Amsterdam’s Free University.  The event was co-hosted by the University’s Faculty of Law.

You can read Kushti’s detailled profile and review the complete agenda of the conference.

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Alexander Chupurnoy, Core Developer of Ergo