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Augur Video by Joey Krug

This Augur video presentation is titled “Augur: an Open-Source, Decentralized, Prediction Market Platform”.  The talk was given by Augur lead developer Joey Krug for Bitcoin Wednesday’s special Silk Road edition on […]


Bancor Presentation

In this video Bancor CEO Guy Benartzi unveils Bancor’s service for creating user-generated cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum. Starting at 11’30” he gives a demonstration of the live product. At 14’30” he and […]


Bart Witteman Video

Here is the presentation by Bart Witteman from Bitcoin Wednesday #20 on 4 February 2015. Mr. Witteman is the manager of the privacy team at Deloitte in The Netherlands. His presentation covers […]


During Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 March 2018, João Martins, VP of Business Development of Birdchain, talked about how their decentralized app allows users to earn cryptocurrency in exchange for their […]

Blockchain Use Cases

Blockchain Use Cases For Sustainable Cities In this video from Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 February, 2019, Professor Horst Treiblmaier gives examples of how blockchain tech is being applied to make […]


Blocktrail Video

In this Blocktrail video, the company’s CTO Ruben de Vries delivers this presentation on “Multisignature Basics” during Bitcoin Wednesday’s 2nd Anniversary conference in Amsterdam on 1 July 2015. This was […]


During Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 March 2018, Blox CEO Alon Muroch gave a live demonstration of his recently released decentralized portfolio management application. In this video he explains how the app […]


ChromaWay Video

Here’s the ChromaWay video: ChromaWay CEO Henrik Hjelte gave this talk on his company’s work with LHV Bank in Estonia to put Euro tokens called Cuber on the Bitcoin network. […]


Cybercrime and Bitcoin

In this sharp video presentation from Bitcoin Wednesday’s Silk Road edition held on 4 March 2015, digital forensics expert Rickey Gevers presents some of the critical issues involved with linking cybercrime […]

Decentralized ID

Does decentralized identity necessarily put your privacy at risk?  To answer this fundamental question, Edmund Lowell, founder of SelfKey, presented his perspective on blockchain privacy at Bitcoin Wednesday on 2 […]