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Exclusive Interview with Evan Duffield

This exclusive interview with Evan Duffield, creator of the anonymous cryptocurrency Dash, was recorded in Amsterdam for Bitcoin Wednesday on 14 October, 2015. Excerpts from this interview were screened in […]


Factom Video by Peter Kirby

Here’s the Factom video, the presentation given by Peter Kirby, President and Founder of Factom, at Bitcoin Wednesday in Amsterdam on 4 February 2015.


Folding Coin Video

This Folding Coin video presentation was given during Bitcoin Wednesday #23 on 6 May 2015. In it, Folding Coin Director Robert Ross explains how he used Bitcoin to encourage people […]

How ICOs Disrupt VCs

Watch this informative presentation on ICOs and how they disrupt the venture capital industry given by Michael Jackson for the 62nd edition of Bitcoin Wednesday held on 1 August, 2018.  Michael […]

International Securities Law for ICOs

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 March 2018, Julian Zegelman, managing partner at corporate and securities law firm Velton Zegelman PC gave a presentation on the changes we can expect to […]

Interview: Dominik Zynis of Wings

Dominik Zynis, co-founder of Wings, gave this interview with Frans Kempen of IBM right before the start of Bitcoin Wednesday on 3 October, 2018. In it, he explains the essence […]

Interview: Electrum Founder

Interviewed by IBM’s Frans Kempen right before Bitcoin Wednesday on 3 October, 2018, Electrum wallet founder Thomas Voegtlin talks about writing the software in its earliest days as well as […]

Interview: Malcolm Tan

Crowdbank CEO Malcolm Tan is also Chairman of the Singapore-based ICO advisory, Gravitas, who has worked with more than 30 ICOs.  In this interview, which was given right before the […]


Interview: Ran Reichman of Snip

IBM’s Blockchain Practice Leader for Banking and Insurance in The Netherlands, Frans Kempen spoke to Ran Reichman, the founder of decentralized news publishing and distribution platform ‘Snip’, in an interview […]


Interview: Streamr and Golem

In an exclusive interview with IBM’s Frans Kempen at Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 September 2017, Henri Pihkala, CEO of Streamr, and Grzegorz Borowik, one of the senior software engineers at Golem, […]