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Decentralized ID

Video: Panel Discussion on Decentralized Identity Watch the panel discussion on Decentralized Identity held during Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 November, 2018 in Amsterdam’s Volkshotel.  There was a lot to say, […]

Digital Identity in Blockchain

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 February 2018, the financial cryptographer Ian Grigg talked about the importance of digital identity in distributed communities with special reference to blockchain technology. He also explained […]


Dominik Zynis Presents the Wings Concept and Wings Token Campaign

During Bitcoin Wednesday’s Special Edition on 19 October, 2016, Dominik Zynis unveils the Wings concept for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.  In this presentation he explains how the service deploys DAOs, delegated […]

Ethereum Alarm Clock (EAC)

ChronoLogic smart contract engineer Logan Saether presented the Ethereum Alarm Clock (EAC) – a smart contract protocol for time-bound transactions over Ethereum at Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 April 2018. Logan explained how […]


Evan Duffield Presentation Video

Evan Duffield lead developer and founder of Dashpay gave this keynote address to the Bitcoin Wednesday conference in Amsterdam on 7 October, 2015.  In it, he announces the long-awaited “Evolution […]


Exclusive Interview with Evan Duffield

This exclusive interview with Evan Duffield, creator of the anonymous cryptocurrency Dash, was recorded in Amsterdam for Bitcoin Wednesday on 14 October, 2015. Excerpts from this interview were screened in […]


Factom Video by Peter Kirby

Here’s the Factom video, the presentation given by Peter Kirby, President and Founder of Factom, at Bitcoin Wednesday in Amsterdam on 4 February 2015.


Folding Coin Video

This Folding Coin video presentation was given during Bitcoin Wednesday #23 on 6 May 2015. In it, Folding Coin Director Robert Ross explains how he used Bitcoin to encourage people […]

How ICOs Disrupt VCs

Watch this informative presentation on ICOs and how they disrupt the venture capital industry given by Michael Jackson for the 62nd edition of Bitcoin Wednesday held on 1 August, 2018.  Michael […]

International Securities Law for ICOs

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 March 2018, Julian Zegelman, managing partner at corporate and securities law firm Velton Zegelman PC gave a presentation on the changes we can expect to […]