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ShapeShift Presentation

Jon, COO of ShapeShift

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 June 2018, Jon, the COO of ShapeShift, took the stage to respond to questions from the audience about one of the world’s most successful web applications for converting one cryptocurrency to another.

Some of the questions asked during his session were:

1:00 – What is ShapeShift?
3:20 – What are the features you look for in a cryptocurrency asset before you add it to ShapeShift platform?
6:30 – How does ShapeShift decide its transaction rates and where does its revenue comes from?
8:07 – What is the difference between ShapeShift and a decentralized exchange, and how is the former better than the latter?
19:32 – What is the most consistent type of conversion that users do with ShapeShift?
26:00 – How does a conversion work in ShapeShift?
34:25 – What insights have you gained by managing so many different types of technologies in operating ShapeShift?

Jon, COO of ShapeShift