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Video: Sixa

Mykola Minchenko, CEO of Sixa

Mykola Minchenko, CEO of Sixa, joined Bitcoin Wednesday on 2 May 2018 to talk about blockchain-based decentralized computing.

During his presentation, Mykola explained how blockchain technology is capable of creating a peer-to-peer computing network that can be utilized to handle processing needs of any size. He introduced his latest project Sixa and discussed how it makes distributed cloud computing possible.

Mykola said:

When we talk about infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services, IBM SoftLayer etc., their infrastructures cost are really expensive, which is not affordable for everyone. We realized that blockchain miners already possess a lot of computational power, in the form of GPUs. We thought if we use blockchain tech, we can let users share their computational power with each other.

Mykola Minchenko, CEO of Sixa