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Video: TV-Two

Philipp-Schulz, co-founder of TV Two

Philipp Schulz, co-founder of TV-Two, gave a live demonstration of his Ethereum-based television broadcast platform during Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 April 2018. He explained how TV-Two disrupts the monopoly of centralized broadcasting systems, where broadcasters control the flow and type of content its audience receives. TV-Two, on the other hand, is a decentralized application for smart TVs, which allows users, advertisers, and producers to interact and exchange value through TTV – an ERC-20 token.

Philipp explains:

Smart TVs have the same capabilities as that of a smartphone, but they are not being used. Why is that? The middlemen and the TV networks are reluctant to innovate the broadcasting space because of the then increased transparency and lesser personal profit. We aim to lift television advertising to the same level as online advertising, especially in terms of personalization, so that it is the consumer who earns, and not the middlemen.

Philipp-Schulz, co-founder of TV Two