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Video: Comparing Prediction Markets

Tom Kysar, Product Manager, Augur

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 2 August 2017, Augur’s product manager Tom Kysar presented his take on prediction markets and explained his project’s offering, Augur.

The Augur prediction market brings users together, also known as reporters, to create a prediction market for any event.  The market then pays out incentives to the reporters according to the accuracy of their predictions.  Tom compared Augur to some other cryptocurrency-based prediction markets like Gnosis, Hivemind, Wings, and Stox.

He said:

“Augur is decentralized prediction market platform and not a prediction market itself. It is software that allows users, anywhere in the world, to come on and create a trading market on the outcome of any future event.  Instead of just trading, it also allows anybody to create a market on whatever they like”.


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Tom Kysar, Product Manager, Augur

PUBLISHED : December 11, 2017