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Video: Blockchain Technology in Context

Egbert-Jan Sol of TNO

Egbert-Jan Sol, CTO of TNO Industry, a leading research institution in The Netherlands, explained Blockchain technology in a Dutch context in this presentation given during Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 June, 2017.

Dr. Sol is also an initiator of The National Blockchain Coalition.  His profile can be found here.

Some of the topics he covered in this talk are:

Where blockchain technology fits in the evolution of software development;

Byzantine Fault Tolerance explained;

Consensus Theory;

Why it helps that the Dutch are consensus minded;

An example of how blockchain technology can be used in a logistical network in Rotterdam harbor;

The importance of secure digital identity;

The challenge of adapting legacy systems to blockchain technology; and

Transparency, accountability, trust.

During the Q&A following the presentation he explains:

How companies can make money with Blockchain technology;

Some societal implications, including preparing and retraining society for these changes;

Permissioned vs. Permissionless Blockchains; and

Why we (still) need banks and the kinds of services they might delivery in the future.


Early Stage Investor, Bitcoin Business Strategy Architect and Project Leader for Complex Internet SolutionsSee generalseven.com for more info.

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Egbert-Jan Sol of TNO

PUBLISHED : June 24, 2017