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Video: Highlights from 4 April 2018

CoinFest 2018

Here is a 90-second look back at the 2018 CoinFest edition of Bitcoin Wednesday held on 4 April, 2018.  All of the speakers appear in the video.

Special thanks to:

Chris Hobcroft, Creative Director of Livepeer: Check out his full profile.

Rune Theill, CEO of Rockstart: Click to read more about him.

Logan Saether, Solidity engineer at ChronoLogic: Read his full profile here.

Shawn Capper, CFO of Symbioses: Find out more about him here.

Philipp Schulz, co-founder of TV-Two: Learn more about him here.

Valerian Bennett, CEO & Founder of PopChest: Find out more about him here.

Igor Shoifot, founding partner of TMT CryptoFund: Click here to learn more about him.

Peter Alfred Adekeye, CEO of Multiven: Read more about him here.

Justin Bons, session chair and co-founder of Cyber Capital: Click here to find out more about him.

And CoinFest.  See you next year!

CoinFest 2018