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Digital Identity in Blockchain

Eyal Ron Core Developer Bisq

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 February 2018, the financial cryptographer Ian Grigg talked about the importance of digital identity in distributed communities with special reference to blockchain technology. He also explained the definition of digital identity, and suggested how communities with better identification of members can be built for blockchain platforms.

In this video, he says:

Different types of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, automatically create a very large global community around them. From a technical point of view, it does scale very well. There are a lot of people holding Bitcoin and Ethereum, who are hoping that more people will hold it. But somehow or other, we have kind of left behind the notions of relationship and trust, which means that it is actually a lot harder to do business than we might have liked. People say that blockchain tech has an absence of trust. Can you say that? I am not really sure about that. So how do we bring together the world of blockchain and community where people are more familiar with each other, which in turn brings up more business opportunities? I think the answer is to concentrate on community.

Eyal Ron Core Developer Bisq