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Video: A Look Back at 4 October, 2017

Bitcoin Wednesday Square Illusion

Here are some impressions from the Bitcoin Wednesday Conference held in Amsterdam’s Oosterkerk on 4 October, 2017.

Special thanks to:

Sébastien Jehan, CEO of Rockchain;

Michael Chin, co-founder of Blockmason;

Hamid Benyahia, CEO of Dether, and his co-founder Mehdi Amari;

Igor Lillic, Mark D’Agostino and Karl Kreder, of ConsenSys, the co-founders of Grid+;

Frans Kempen, who leads IBM’s Blockchain Practice for the Banking and Insurance industry in The Netherlands and Belgium, who interviewed Karl;

Aviv Cohen, co-founder of Rootcore; and

The evening’s session chair, Rik Esselink.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone else who participated. See you all on 6 December 2017!


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Bitcoin Wednesday Square Illusion

PUBLISHED : November 18, 2017