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Video: Interview with Adrian Garelik of Flixxo

Adrian Garelick, CEO of Flixxo

Frans Kempen, IBM’s Blockchain Practice Leader for Banking and Insurance in The Netherlands, interviewed Adrián Garelik, the founder of Flixxo, at Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 September 2017.  Adrián gave a world premiere demo of Flixxo at Bitcoin Wednesday later that evening.

Flixxo is a decentralized video distribution platform built on Ethereum and Rootstock that monetizes content distribution with Flixx tokens. During the interview, Adrián opened up about how he became fascinated with the idea of decentralized video distribution. In his opinion, users will eventually shift from older centralized distribution platforms, like Netflix and YouTube, to newer, decentralized ones that can better monetize their content.

“The prices for using centralized video platforms like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime are amazingly high because of their huge structural costs,” he said.  “The only way of competing against these organizations is through better distribution of content. If videos are stored in computers of users, instead of central servers, the costs of keeping the content are zero.”

Flixxo will begin its crowd sale in the first half of October. The platform itself is officially scheduled to launch in May, 2018.


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Adrian Garelick, CEO of Flixxo

PUBLISHED : September 17, 2017