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Video Interview: Drive Chain Creator Paul Sztorc

Paul Sztorc, Research Director, Tierion

Paul Sztorc, the creator of drive chains and blind merge mining, goes head-to-head with Justin Bons of Cyber Capital on Bitcoin’s side chains.

This fascinating interview was held in Amsterdam during Bitcoin Wednesday’s 5-Year Anniversary on 4-5 July 2018.  Justin Bons doesn’t shy away from controversy and, for better or worse, steers the conversation toward scaling and Bitcoin Cash.  The results are interesting.

– Bitcoin maximalism and side chains
– Blockstream
– Escalating conflicts and polarization in the industry
– The need for greater cooperation, criticism and optimism
– Lightning Network pros and cons
– Austrian Economics, Hayek and Karl Popper
– Objections to side chains
– Monochainism
– The EU
– War Between Side Chain Crypocurrencies
– Bitcoin Cash
– Paul Sztorc’s Upcoming Testnet
– The Problems Side Chains Solves
– Security Model with a Side Chain and Atomic Swaps
– Side Chains vs. Alt Coins and Key Differences
– Transaction Fees
– Can China Destroy Bitcoin?
– Minimum Specification for a Full Bitcoin Node
– Measuring Decentralization and Mining Decentralization
– Block Validation and Assymetry
– Mining Economics
– Hashes and Pools
– Sergio Demian Lerner
– Orphan Blocks and Spy Mining
– Bitcoin Governance

Paul Sztorc, Research Director, Tierion