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Video: Interview with Karl Kreder of Grid Plus

Karl Kreder, Co-founder of Grid+

Right before Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 October 2017, Karl Kreder gave an exclusive interview about his blockchain-based retail energy utility to Frans Kempen, IBM’s Blockchain Practice Leader in The Netherlands.

Karl answered questions about his background, how he found his way into energy sector and the grand vision of Grid Plus. He also talked about the organization’s plan for expansion.

When asked about his utility, he explained:

“What it does is it basically reads the smart meter every 15 minutes and creates a payment to Grid Plus for the amount of energy that has been used over the previous 15-minute period. So that’s the mechanism for doing real-time settlement. What it also does is act as a smart energy agent, which analyzes the user’s behavioral patterns and predicts their energy usage in order to intelligently buy and sell energy out of either the day ahead markets or the real-time markets”.

The sale of Grid Plus tokens, also known as Bolt, is scheduled for 30 October, 2017.


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Karl Kreder, Co-founder of Grid+

PUBLISHED : November 5, 2017