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Video: Jean-Charles Dudek Explains NapoleonX

Jean Charles Dudek of Napoleon Capital

Watch in this video how NapoleonX founder Jean-Charles Dudek presented the DAF (decentralized autonomous fund) concept during Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 February, 2018, right in the middle of their company’s ICO.  The NapoleonX token sale started at the end of January and will run until the end of February 2018.  They have already raised nearly EUR 10 million for this project.

Some interesting questions were asked at the end of the presentation.

8:20 How do you protect private keys?

9:00 How do you measure one fund against the next?

10:07 If you believe that Bitcoin is the baseline of performance, does that make you a Bitcoin maximalist?

10:35 Your application is more of an AI-based application, so what is the need for it to be decentralized and on the blockchain?

11:38 In light of the recent hearing in the U.S. Senate and talk about a legal framework for ICOs, what is the current situation in France?



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Jean Charles Dudek of Napoleon Capital

PUBLISHED : February 27, 2018