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Video: Justin Bons

Justin Bons of Cyber Capital

Cyber Capital Co-founder Justin Bons delivered this keynote during Bitcoin Wednesday’s 5-Year Anniversary conference on 4 July, 2018.  In it he discusses the considerable risks to investors and warns that many of the technical challenges that are faced by some projects may be insurmountable in the near future.  He believes that it’s important for users and investors to be aware of the challenges in order to make better decisions.

Four examples of what he believes to be potentially unsolvable technical problems are decentralized computing, decentralized storage, IOTA’s Tangles and Lightning Network’s possible liquidity challenge, which is the notion that too much cryptocurrency would have to be locked up before the system could be useful at scale.

A detailled profile of Justin Bons can be found here.

Justin Bons of Cyber Capital