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Video: Lamassu

Zach Harvey, CEO of Bitcoin ATM producer Lamassu

During the Bitcoin Wednesday on 2 August 2017, CEO of Lamassu, Zach Harvey introduced his Bitcoin ATM machine that allows one to exchange cash with Bitcoin.

According to Zach, Bitcoin needs a better interface and shall be more accessible to users. He explains with an example what he means by this, as he says:

Imagine you have never heard of chocolate and I am excited to let you know what chocolate is. Now in this case, I can do either of the two things: discuss every single detail about chocolate, like color, flavor, variety etc., or I can simply give a square of fine chocolate to see how you respond to it. That is the difference between the analogies of what Bitcoin is and how Bitcoin is actually experienced. And that is what we try to give with our Bitcoin ATMs.


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Zach Harvey, CEO of Bitcoin ATM producer Lamassu

PUBLISHED : February 19, 2018