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Video: Nationalized Slice of Life

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From among the 13 video presentations featured at Bitcoin Wednesday’s conference on 6 April, 2016, ‘Nationalized Slice of Life’ – a video work by Yacinth Pos (The Netherlands), Jaap Smit (The Netherlands) and Lucas Jankoschek (Austria) – plays with the idea that banks aren’t as trustworthy and reliable as they claim to be. The work features a mix of fragments from TV ads produced by some of the banks that received government bailouts during the financial crisis of 2008 because they were considered “too big to fail”.

The artists state:

With advertisements banks promised us a bright and solid future before 2008. They may not have seen the crisis coming, but still acted like they knew what would happen in the future.

The title of their video eerily reflects on the sad outcome as a result of the 2008 financial scandals at many of these banks.


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Nationalized Slice of Life screenshot

PUBLISHED : August 19, 2017