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Video: The Sleepwet

Bitcoin Wednesday on State-Sponsored Surveillance

The new Dutch Intelligence and Secret Services Act, known as the Sleepwet, was a focus of presentations at the Bitcoin Wednesday conference on 7 February, 2018.

The following presenters took part in a joint question-and-answer session: Nine de Vries of Amnesty International, Lotte Houwing of the Public Interest Litigation Project, national and international security expert Teun van Dongen, and Hans de Zwart, the executive director of Bits of Freedom, the digital-citizens’-rights group. Dutch journalist Francisco van Jole moderated as session chair.

The group answered these and other questions:

0:48 (For Hans de Zwart) Is mass surveillance of data an effective way of countering terrorism?

4:14 (For Nine de Vries) Does the “Dragnet” or “Sleepwet” law exists only in The Netherlands or a similar law exists in other countries?

20:50 In terms of privacy, is Netherlands safe to use internet or shall we use VPN (Virtual Private Network) of other countries?

22:26 Do you think the referendum vote, scheduled on 21 March 2018, is going to change anything about the law?

23:55 What are your predictions for the results of the referendum?


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Bitcoin Wednesday on State-Sponsored Surveillance