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About Bitcoin Wednesday

Bitcoin Wednesday is the largest monthly conference about the Digital Currency Revolution in The Netherlands.

The event is always held on the first Wednesday of every month at a location in Amsterdam.  It is a multi-disciplinary conference that revolves around building tomorrow’s world with decentralized digital currency technology, of which Bitcoin is the first and best known.

Conference presentations are only a small piece of Bitcoin Wednesday:  It brings together the country’s early digital currency pioneers, its software developers, technologists, investors, digital currency startups, and the business community.  It encourages interactive conversations, Q&A and debate.  It is not just about learning in a standard conference format style, but also about networking making connections, sharing ideas, working together and creating value.  It aims to be a forum for sharing information and a breeding ground for new ideas in the sector.

By, For and About The Digital Currency Community

Bitcoin Wednesday also promotes the city of Amsterdam as an international center for digital currency innovation. It works closely with both the Dutch Bitcoin User’s Group of the Netherlands, the Dutch Bitcoin Foundation, stichting Bitcoin Nederland, and organizes debates on the most relevant topics for this important new technology.

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