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Sponsorship Prospectus

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Since 2013 Bitcoin Wednesday has become The Netherlands’ leading venue for the emerging digital currency sector.  Every first Wednesday of the month, the most innovative digital currency and distributed application developers meet, debate and exchange ideas about the next generation of decentralized technology solutions.  Many of the industry’s brightest minds have already presented their ideas or their work during Bitcoin Wednesday.

If you’re looking to connect with some of the world’s sharpest and most innovative digital currency pioneers and thought leaders, then this is the place.


Richard Kohl, Founder

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Donations in All Forms and Sizes

Contribute to a strong digital currency sector that stays true to its diverse community.  Bitcoin Wednesday would not be possible without the generous support of many donors, volunteers and sponsors.

Our activities are driven by a community of volunteers with a passion for sharing knowledge about the digital currency revolution and its inherent benefits to society.

To help us reach our goal of making Bitcoin Wednesday one of the best tech events in its class, every donation in time, resources or money is gratefully accepted.  Small donations such as the price of a cup of coffee from everyone who reads this line do add up and allow us to grow.

You can donate bitcoins (or other cryptocurrencies using Shapeshift.io) to Bitcoin Wednesday with the addresses below or via the Dutch Bitcoin Foundation, stichting Bitcoin Nederland.

You can also help just by inviting your friends, colleagues and neighbors to the next Bitcoin Wednesday and by taking this 4-minute survey.

To give contributions in kind just call or write and tell us how you can help.


Our Bitcoin Address is