Bitcoin Wednesday is an independent monthly conference event supported by sponsors and individual volunteers.

For speaker or sponsorship opportunities or to volunteer to help Bitcoin Wednesday, please send us a mail.

For event locations and registration information, please see .

Find parking and address information below.

Bitcoin Wednesday
c/o PikaPay
Postbus 11103
1001 GC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 6 284 00112







If coming by car there is affordable parking under the public library near Centraal Station: just €12 for 24 hours or €5 if you ride in after 1800.  If you lose the parking card, they charge you €25 per day.

If you reserve a parking place in advance via, it’s €20 per day with a wide choice of parking garages.

Further away at Ijdock 33, you can reserve a parking place for just €10 per day.

For a more extensive list, you can check this parking information site.



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