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Bitcoin Wednesday Mission

Bitcoin Wednesday aims to be an open and objective monthly conference for exploring all sides of the ongoing debate about the expanding influence of the blockchain and digital currency revolution on society. Our primary goals are:

1. To position The Netherlands as one of the world’s leading countries in blockchain and digital currency innovation; and

2. To educate and raise awareness of the broad applications of the technology


More Than Only Money

Bitcoin was originally launched in 2008 as a decentralized system for exchanging virtual tokens known as bitcoins. The technology today represents a new paradigm for digital communication with a potential impact that we believe will rival the Internet itself.

Bitcoin Wednesday aims to be editorially objective, supported by sponsors, donations and the hard work of many volunteers.  While Bitcoin Wednesday may open the stage for short presentations by a diversity of organizations, the program implies no direct endorsement of any of the concepts or projects being presented. In fact, if you have an alternative view that you feel has not yet been sufficiently represented in the programming, we’d like to hear from you.

Bitcoin Wednesday strives to raise awareness, share knowledge, increase transparency, spark debate, question the status quo and support innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in the diverse shapes and forms that can be found in the sector.