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April 2018

Blockchain Forks

Paul Puey is CEO of Edge, producer of the Edge and Airbitz mobile cryptocurrency wallets. A graduate of UC Berkeley’s computer science and electrical engineering programs, he previously worked as a lead software engineer for chip manufacturers Nvidia Corporation and Chromatic Research.

Virtual PCs Via Blockchain Tech

Mykola-Minchenko is the CEO of YCombinator startup Sixa. He previously worked for British Petroleum and developed a mesh-based communication system for the Ukrainian army. He was also a co-founder of Almareks, an object recognition SaaS startup which was acquired by Motorola in less than three years.


Edmund Lowell is the founder of SelfKey, a solution for secure, self-sovereign identity based on Blockchain technology. He is a serial entrepreneur who has built Fintech and Regtech products including Incorporations.io and KYC-Chain.com, and has provided KYC solutions for some of the biggest ICOs.

Privacy and Decentralization

Reuben Yap is COO for the anonymous cryptocurrency Zcoin. Reuben has played a central role in shaping the project’s strategy and vision since joining the team in October 2016. He was previously a corporate lawyer as well as co-founder of BolehVPN, a privacy-focused VPN provider who was also

Faster Consensus

Paul Madsen is Technical Architect for Swirlds, the company that develops Hadera Hashgraph. It has been called an example of Decentralized Network 3.0, a next generation solution that extends the consensus mechanism beyond blockchain technology. Before working for Swirlds, Paul was an digital identity specialist who worked on


Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016 for The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands As with any endeavor that operates in the public trust, Bitcoin Wednesday is committed to transparency in its expense reporting.…

Rune Theill

Rune Theill is the CEO of Amsterdam’s startup accelerator, Rockstart. He currently serves as an advisor to many startups, including 3D Hubs, Crowdyhouse, CoffeeStrap, Bomberbot, and Codeplace, and is also a jury member at Venture Cup.


Random Notes and Observations

The New York Times published this good short video about how Bitcoin Works.    2. The evil side of social media —  centralized data collection and AI — was…

March 2018

Hotels That Accept Bitcoin in Amsterdam

How to Find Hotels that Accept Bitcoin in Amsterdam Here are some sites that offer apartments, hotels and hostels in Amsterdam and accept Bitcoin. Expedia Canal Apartments Bitcoin Travel Crypto Cribs…


Logan Saether is a Solidity engineer and an authority on time-based smart contracts. He works for ChronoLogic on the open source smart contract protocol known as the Ethereum Alarm Clock.