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October 2017

Alan R. Milligan

Alan R. Milligan is a former software engineer turned accomplished film producer. The work associated with his production studio Film-Farms, located in a farmhouse in Oslo, has received prizes at the Cannes, Venice and Tribeca film festivals in addition to more than 50 other awards and nominations. Now he has turned his attention to smart contracts with a system called White Rabbit that consists of a browser plugin to allow viewers to watch streaming films and to safely pay the rights holders.


Video: Looking Back – 6 September 2017

Here are some impressions from the Bitcoin Wednesday Conference held on 6 September 2017 at TQ Amsterdam.   Special thanks to: Adrián Garelik, co-founder of Flixxo; Grzegorz Borowik of Golem; Ran […]

Mark D’Agostino

Mark D’Agostino is a managing partner of the Enterprise Group at the Brooklyn-based Blockchain conglomerate, ConsenSys.
He is the lead for its Energy consulting engagements. Before coming to ConsenSys, Mark spent ten years in management consulting for the financial services industry and helped establish Deloitte’s blockchain service offering.  He has successfully helped to deliver Ethereum-based applications for Fortune 500 banks, global energy companies and governments.

Igor Lilic

Igor Lilic is CTO and co-founder of the Enterprise Group at the Brooklyn-based Blockchain conglomerate ConsenSys. He wrote the Proof of Physical Address (PoPA) system and previously worked as a senior consultant for ThoughtWorks, Amazon Web Services, OANDA, SAP and AMD.

Collaboration Without Corporations

Aviv Cohen is co-founder of Rootcore, a solution for decentralized collaboration. He was VP of Sales and Operations for online fraud detection company Fraud Sciences. When the company was acquired by PayPal for $169 million, he joined PayPal’s European Risk Management group. He has also held business leadership roles in cyber security companies. Aviv has degrees in computer science, statistics and management from MIT and Tel Aviv University.

September 2017

Karl Kreder

Karl Kreder is Director of Energy at ConsenSys and a co-founder of Grid+, which delivers Ethereum-enabled hardware and software for the energy market. Before this he graduated from The University of Texas at Austin where he received his PhD in Materials Science for research in advanced battery technologies. Karl also worked at Southwest Research Institute where he helped to build the Energy Storage System Evaluation and Safety (EssEs) consortium into a global alliance of 12 industry members from 3 continents with a budget of more than $3 million.


Interview: Ran Reichman of Snip

IBM’s Blockchain Practice Leader for Banking and Insurance in The Netherlands, Frans Kempen spoke to Ran Reichman, the founder of decentralized news publishing and distribution platform ‘Snip’, in an interview […]


Video: Snip

During  Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 September 2017, CEO Ran Reichman of Snip gave a presentation of his blockchain-based content distribution platform. In this presentation Ran explained how he believes that the […]


Hamid Benyahia is CEO of Dether, a peer-to-peer network for connecting cryptocurrency buyers and sellers and physical stores that is based on an Ethereum decentralized application that can run on any smartphone. Hamid will be joined by his co-founder Mehdi Amari.


Sébastien Jehan is CEO of Rockchain, a privacy-centric distributed network for processing sensitive data on the public Ethereum blockchain. He is a veteran software architect with more than 20 years experience with bank and trading systems as well as a Telecommunication engineer with a master’s degree in econometrics and financial regulation.